Privacy Policy

Our company has been operating Suonso for many years, and accepts manufacturers who are able to sell it as OEM manufacturers. We hope there will be more opportunities to see Suonso in the market in the future.

Privacy Policy

effective date:2018-05-01

1. preface

In order to respect and protect your privacy, this "Privacy Policy" document will let you know how our website will collect information related to you, how to use the information and who to share it with. This Privacy Policy is applicable to visitors of all services on the website.
In response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, which came into effect on May 25, 2018, the rights and interests of users are specifically described in accordance with GDPR requirements.
This language version is only provided for the convenience of reading and understanding the English version. This language version does not replace the legal effect of the English version. In case of any dispute or conflict, in any case, the English version shall govern the relationship between the parties and shall take precedence over the terms in any other language.

1.1 Services
This Privacy Policy applies to all services on this website.

1.2 Change
We can revise this Privacy Policy. In case of major changes, we will notify you through website services or other ways, so that you can have a chance to read the changes before the changes take effect.
If you continue to use our website services after we publish or transmit the notice about the change of this Privacy Policy, you confirm that the collection, use and sharing scope of your personal data must comply with the updated Privacy Policy.

2. Data collected

2.1 Information you provided on your own initiative
When you use our website services to send messages on your own initiative, you may need to provide personal data such as your name, phone number and email address. Relevant data will be automatically protected and stored in Amazon's cloud data center.

2.2 Cookie
Our website will use cookies to identify visitors' preferences on the website. In cookies, we will use the so-called Track ID) to track visitors' behavior, such as tracking visitors' web browsing, stay time, device information and other information as a reference for website content adjustment. We will also use Google Analytics analysis service is used to analyze the online behavior of visitors as a reference for the website to sort out browsing data. As for Google Analytics service, its privacy For policy information, please refer to
Track ID used by this station ID) is an anonymous tracking code. Generally, "visitors" who browse websites anonymously will not provide personal data. Therefore, we cannot associate this ID with any privacy information, including email, mobile phone number, or address. In other words, we cannot know the real identity of any visitor through this tracking ID.

2.3 Device Information
In addition to cookies, we also collect the following information:
Website (URL) visited by "visitors"
Source address and IP address of "visitor" Address
Brand, model and operating system of the "visitor" connection device
Browser type, resolution and color support of "visitor" connection device Browser type, resolution and color support of "visitor" connection device
Browser type, resolution and color support of "visitor" connection device GeoIP Countercheck)
The telecom ISP of the source of the "visitor" connection (for example: backchecking indirectly through the GeoIP of a third party)

3. How do we use this information

3.1 Reply to the consultation content
For the consultation information of visitors, in addition to providing professional answers, provide relevant product information to visitors for reference.

3.2 Learn and optimize website content
Our website uses the information collected above to study how to optimize the website content through machine learning and data science and other analytical techniques.

4. How we share information

4.1 Data sharing objects
The above personal device records and cookie records of "visitors" collected by our website services are for our internal use only. They will not share data with any other third party, nor will they provide sensitive personal data such as the browsing tracks of specific "visitors" to third parties.

4.2 Data retention period
The original records of "visitors" 'personal device records and cookie records collected by our website services will be stored in the cloud data center for 24 months, and the historical records will be deleted regularly by month.

5. Your choice and obligation

5.1 Stop tracing right
We reserve the right not to track "visitors". If you want to stop tracking website behavior, please contact us.

5.2 Right to access and control personal data
Although we mainly collect anonymous "visitor" data, you still have the following rights:
Delete data: The "visitor" can clear the cookies in the browser of the connected device, or contact us to delete the account related data
Change or correction of data: "visitors" can apply through the website, especially if the data is incorrect, you can ask us to change, update or revise your data
Objection or restriction of data use: You can ask us to stop using all or part of your personal data or restrict our use
Reading or obtaining your data: You can ask us to provide a copy of your personal data, and you can ask us to provide a digital machine readable copy of your personal data.

6. Other important notes

6.1 Data protection mode
All the personal data collected by our website services, except temporary files during network transmission, are stored on Amazon AWS Cloud Data Center, AWS has announced that it complies with CISPE data protection code of conduct, so our website also complies with international information security standards.

6.2 Cross border data transmission
As stated in Clause 6.1, the personal data collected by our website service is only for internal use and is currently protected in the cloud service data center. The original log file of the above data will be stored in Amazon, US AWS Cloud Data Center. All network communications involving direct or cross-border transmission of personal data occur in SSL or HTTPS In the secure encrypted network connection environment, all communication connections are encrypted with 2048 bit SSL to ensure the security of data transmission.

6.3 Contact information
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or need to lodge a complaint, please contact us through the following contact methods:

Company: Jiangsu Suonso Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Contact: Manager Wang